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Section 609 Debt Validation Letter


This the letter that is driving the credit bureaus and the collection agencies crazy!  

Legally force your creditors to validate your debts according to the FCRA and FDCPA.  Complete with instructions on how to respond to the bureaus!  Complete with access to video instructions!

Only $29.00! 

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How to Deal With Collection Agencies and WIN!


Never worry about debt collector calls or harassment again!  

Learn your power and legal rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Get accounts removed from your credit reports!  Learn how to legally validate your debts and stop collectors in their tracks! Know your rights and have peace of mind!

 Only $97.00!

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How to Effectively Build Credit History


Learn how to effectively build credit history as fast as possible with these proven strategies.  

Work towards your goals of home ownership or real estate investment with a step by step guide to maximize your points each month.   Learn how to leverage credit to build wealth!  Learn tips for building business credit!

Only $97.00!  

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Dispute Strategies For: Judgements, Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Repossesions, and Student Loans


Learn dispute strategies that actually work for the toughest of credit repair situations!  Discover proven techniques to get negative, obsolete, and inaccurate accounts of this type deleted. Make extra income from helping friends and family to repair their credit.  Learn your rights under the FDCPA!  

Only $97.00! 

 Save hundreds while cleaning your credit reports! 

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How to Checkmate the Dealership in 60 minutes-Even if You Have Credit Issues


@YourCreditProfessor will show you step by step, how to eliminate the 3 stress factors in buying a car: TIME- Nobody wants to spend all day at the dealership haggling.  TRUST- Can I trust this car?  Can I trust this dealership?   CREDIT ISSUES- Let's eliminate those so that you NEVER over pay again!  How much is it worth to you to save thousands of dollars and hours at the dealership?  

Only $97.00! 

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Complete Credit Repair Dispute Letter Law Library


110 Legal Credit Dispute Letters for every credit repair scenario.  Legally force the bureaus to follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act!  This is the same system that credit repair companies around the country use to repair and restore poor credit scores without the legal fees!  Includes access to webinars for Q and A sessions with @YourCreditProfessor!

 Only $399! 

 Half the cost of standard credit repair!  

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Section 609 Debt Validation Order Form

How to Deal With Debt Collection Agencies and WIN!

How to Effectively Build Credit History Quickly

Dispute Strategies for the Toughest Accounts

How to Checkmate the Dealership In 60 Minutes

Complete Credit Repair Dispute 110-Letter Law Library