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     If you've made it this far it's because you want to take control of your life. You desire financial freedom and the opportunities that are too often denied to people like us based on credit. Financial hardship is one of the leading causes of divorce, and depression. Here at Prime Financial Education Services we understand your desires, pains, and frustrations because we also desire the same thing, financial freedom...

    About Us

    Prime Financial Education Services, LLC is a nationwide financial services company that conducts it's business with the utmost integrity. Allow us to help you to take that next step to achieve the financial future you dream of. When YOU do better, WE do better!

    Fast, Safe, Accurate, and Affordable Tax Services

    • Free E-file
    • Cash Advance
    • Free returns for high school students
    • Corporate Tax Preparation
    • Personal Tax Preparation
    • Tax Planning Services and Counseling
    • Business Development Services
    • Learn how to start your dream business

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    Repair and Restore your credit through our Credit Repair program!

    Join our family of satisfied clients who have laid the foundation for their financial success by repairing and restoring their credit.  

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