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    Join the thousands of people who are taking back control of their financial lives by building powerful new credit scores

    • Tired of arguing with loved ones over finances?
    • Anxious about your financial future?
    • Want to start a business but have no way to fund it?
    • Sick of asking for co-signers?
    • Are you ready for a REAL change?

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    Why Us?

    Prime Financial Education Services, LLC is a team of Board Certified, Bonded and Insured Credit Advocates who want to help YOU to achieve the benefits that having an excellent credit score brings! Allow us to help you to take that next step to achieve the financial future you dream of. When YOU do better, WE do better!

    The Uncomfortable Truth

    • Getting declined for credit is a horrible experience
    • Getting approved with extremely high interest isn't much better
    • Being haunted by the credit mistakes of your past is stressful


    • Stop being held back from living a life you deserve
    • Stop throwing your money away on high interest rates, fees, and down payments
    • Learn today how you can fix your credit scores to have more financial options
    • Learn how you can leverage good credit into building lasting wealth

    Prime Financial offers affordable Credit Protection Packages, Do-It-Yourself Courses, Free Webinars, and Mini-Lessons on multiple topics to help you to upgrade your life.  Please see our Services Page to find the perfect package for YOUR needs and budget!

    The Credit Professor

    We do more than just improve your credit scores.....

    We give you the tools that you need to KEEP IT!

    The Credit Professor will provide you with powerful information in webinars and courses that will allow you to take complete charge of your finances and your life!

    Hundreds and hundreds of lives changed through Prime Financial......Hundreds of thousands in interest saved

    Everyone deserves a second chance